Booklikes-opoly (Turn #10)

Diary of an Accidental Wallflower - Jennifer McQuiston

So far my May plays in the game are few and far between. But I hope to finish at least one more book for BL-opoly before June 1st.



Previous turn (May 13th): New Orleans Square 21; I read Learning to Swim (Troy Chance #1) by Sara J. Henry; 296 pages, $3.00 to the bank. Current bank total: $48.00.


May 24th Roll: 7 (6+1)

New Square: Free Parking! Rolled an eight (even) so I was sent to the Electric Company (a MC working in STEM occupations or author name spells out Tesla).  I choose Diary of an Accidental Wallflower (Seduction Diaries #1) by Jennifer McQuiston. The hero is a doctor, so going with STEM occupation. 334 NOOK pages for a possible $4.00 to the bank.