Review: Her Last Breath (Kate Burkholder #5) by Linda Castillo

Her Last Breath - Linda Castillo

So I read these out of order, but it didn't matter because the author repeats a lot of stuff (especially with regard to characters), so readers are quickly brought up to speed. This was a heartbreaking story of the murder of a father and his two children and the seriously injured third children via a hit and run on a country road in autumn. Paul Borntrager and his three children were traveling via their buggy to their home farm from the town clinic when a motor vehicle speeds through an intersection and runs into their buggy. There were graphic descriptions of the bodies, and the animal dies as well. Kate knew the family; the wife and mother of the deceased family was her childhood best friend, Mattie. There were lots of flashbacks to when Kate and Mattie were teens and their strong bond.


I figured out the killers as they were introduced into the story, so there wasn't a whole lot of tension. It was interesting how the author uses the rare genetic disorders that affect the Amish in greater numbers than the general population due to the closed nature of the community and what the different Amish communities across the country are doing to prevent or lower the incidence. The ending was ridiculous and extremely over the top - Kate's fault because once again she can't seem to remember to call for back-up and gets in WAY OVER HER HEAD. She was hit so many times in the head it is a wonder she doesn't have a permanent concussion or TBI and medically retire from the police force.


There was a sub-plot about moving in with Tomasetti that took up way too much of the book. Again, Kate just needed to pull on her big girl panties and have the awkward conversation. But in the end it was resolved. The other sub-plot involves Kate's past and the bones of a long ago missing Amish boy that were discovered. This one wasn't resolved, so it will show up again in the next book.


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