Diary of an Accidental Wallflower - Jennifer McQuiston

It's amazing what insomnia can do for your reading. I finished this book at 1 am.


This is the story of Clare, a shallow, immature, snobbish, spoiled viscount's daughter and Daniel, a doctor who should have stayed the hell away from her and her awful family. That wouldn't be much of a romance, but it would've made a lot more sense. The big conflict was the difference in class between Clare and Daniel, with a little racism thrown in (Daniel is half Roma, but the term Gyspy is thrown around a lot). Daniel was just too perfect, and all the women wanted to be bed by him! - I hate that characterization. Daniel was being a doctor and aspiring inventor (his invention was a medical device for regulating chloroform in gaseous forms for surgeries).


All the side characters were just awful: Clare's father leaves his family for long lengths of time every day; Clare's mother is an alcoholic and spends her days in a booze fueled shopping sprees; Lucy and Geoffrey are Clare's younger siblings who must have been raised in zoos since they don't seem to have one iota of common sense or manners; Lady Sophie and Rose are Clare's society "friends" that turn the book into a re-hash of high school; and Lady Austerly, Daniel's patient who plays matchmaker to Clare and Daniel and was the only decent character in the book.


The plot line was decent but the characters sucked and the writing was too modern at times (the book is set in Victorian England).


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