Any Means Necessary (a Luke Stone Thriller-Book #1) - Jack Mars

This debut novel had a lot of promise, but ultimately fell flat for me. This is the type of "Jack Reacher/Jason Bourne" thriller that just reminds me of Tom Cruise movies. This is about a special team within the FBI known as SRT. Luke Stone was an okay main character, but not really fleshed out; the secondary characters are basically stereotypes of what you may find in a thriller story. The one stereotype that really made me roll my eyes was the token woman on the SRT who slept with a married Luke Stone (who loves his wife and son and is a real family man....whatever) and with the married leader of SRT, possibly at the same time. She wants to re-kindle whatever Luke and her had going on, marriage or not; she took the first opportunity for some alone time with Luke to flirt/kiss. What really annoyed me was the absolute cliff hanger ending in which a supposedly important plot thread is just left unresolved (the kidnapping of Luke's family by the CIA). The action was never-ending, but also was over the top ridiculous at some points. I'm not interested in reading further into the series.


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