Heat Wave (Nerds of Paradise Book 4) - Merry Farmer

If more contemporary romances were written like this, with characters like Dennis and Angie, I would read a ton more contemporaries! Dennis returns to Atlanta to woo his childhood friend/object of his teenage crush, Angie, to work for his employer, Paradise Space Flight. Angie just graduated with her PhD and is being pursued by different employers, the main ones being Paradise and NASA. Angie hated the way she and Dennis parted and seeing him again both raises her love for him as well as the guilt in the way she handled their friendship. There is a side plotline in that Angie and Dennis' friend Latoya (who needs her own book damnit!) refurbing some of the homes of the senior citizens in their neighborhood to help keep up home property values, make the homes safer for the occupants, and give Latoya's company some PR.


The chemistry between Angie and Dennis is intense and the sexy times are pretty damn hot. I also really loved Angie and Latoya's friendship - Latoya doesn't tell Angie what Angie wants to hear, she tells her what she needs to hear but not in a mean way. Angie does so much to redeem herself in her eyes and that helps her let go of past hurts/insecurities and embrace her new job and relationship with Dennis. I enjoyed learning her reasons for choosing the employer she does.  I loved the seniors and the neighborhood vibe of the story. I want to read the entire series!


Alternative cover model is closer to what Dennis looks like in the book:

Title: Heat Wave (Nerds of Paradise, #4), Author: Merry Farmer


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