Midnight in Legend, TN: Small Town Romance in the Great Smoky Mountains (The McClains of Legend, Tennessee Book 1) - Magdalena Scott

I got the small town and all the trappings of said small town, I liked the hero, but I could not stand the heroine. Midnight Shelby was a spoiled, entitled brat of heroine; she acted more like 18 than a 42 year old divorcee. She jumps to so many conclusions, opinions nobody asked for, and mood changes at the blink of an eye....and yet all her problems are of someone else's fault. The voodoo doll stuff just showed her to be a bitter pill to boot and wasn't funny in the least.


Martin was a decent hero, but really bland. I understood his motivations for wanting to bring in the right kind of economic resurgence into his small town. His family is a bit cloying, but the friends within the community seemed normal. I don't honestly see why Martin would want a relationship with Midnight and there wasn't any chemistry to warrant the relationship. I won't be reading anymore from this series or the author.


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