A Charming Spell - Tonya Kappes

So June is now Village President of Whispering Falls, KY and is working on amending some village laws so that it makes the lives of her residents easier and her life as well. Except for her damn constant moping about Oscar and his erased memory/stripped spiritual powers. Yet another book with June basically breaking some big time laws in the spiritualist community just so she can have Oscar as her lover again and thinking she is being sneaky about it, but everyone knows she is breaking laws and it is wrecking havoc on WF. Petunia got on my last nerve; honestly for a middle-age woman who talks with animals, she acted like the most spoiled brat for not being named Village President.


As for the mystery, yet again everyone blames the new merchant in town for the death but the killer is a behind the scenes/blend into the crowd type. June's (and a few other residents) lives are in peril when the WF cops barge in to take out the killer....because they just followed June.


Still no actual food is eaten by June, just a crap ton of Ding Dongs. This world is fun to be in while reading, but it really doesn't stink with you after the book ends. And the author is still in need of a copy editor!