A Charming Magic - Tonya Kappes

Once again we find June Heal trying every potion/spell/whatever that can restore Oscar's memory and spiritualist powers. Again we find June not listening/heeding her instincts, even though her instincts are her powers. Again we find June breaking Village rules and causing mayhem and destruction, all the while being Village President. Petunia is even more absurd and annoying than the last book, a spiritualist version of Bridezilla. So the potion June makes without heeding her instincts or spiritualist laws is used on Petunia and I am not sorry for that at all. But since Petunia is a resident and major side character, she is only in a coma and not dead. And it is up to June to discover/end whatever it was that she started. At least no one is blaming the new store owner this time around.


This book was a little more fun and interesting to read, especially as June goes on a secret mission to another community and realizes there is an epic showdown between good and evil and guess what? - June is the good side's Chosen One. June is screwing up being VP of Whispering Falls, and bumbles her way into finding the killers in these mysteries, so naturally she is the Chosen One. Sure, totally. The showdown is less than epic, but a threat to do this all again at a later date is made.


During showdown, Oscar gets his memory and powers back, thank baby Thor - this was the most frustrating multi-book story arc and now June can stop being a rule breaker and attracting mayhem whenever she makes a new potion for Oscar. Petunia comes out of her coma, marries, and gets her wish as VP because June even as moments of self-awareness and knows she sucks as VP.