The Son of Neptune: The Graphic Novel - Robert Venditti, Orpheus Collar, Antoine Dode, Rick Riordan

This was a graphic novel adaption of Riordan's popular series. I didn't have much interest in reading the series, but I needed a book about/use of mythology for Pop Sugar. So I figured the quickest way of knocking out the prompt was to go with the graphic novel adaption. I'm so glad I did; in graphic novel form I was very invested in the story, as it was all action a bit of political intrigue that I would not have picked up in novel form.


The artwork was technically beautiful and well done, but not emotionally drawing me in. It was the story itself that kept me turning the pages. Although this is a story of how Percy Jackson regains his memory (sssslllloooowwwlllyyy) and unite the seven, I was way more interested in Frank Zhang. OMG, I was so #teamFrank throughout my reading. Frank and his mom's memory. Frank and Ares/Mars father-son conversations. Frank and his Grandma. Frank and Hazel's friendship. Frank and Percy's working relationship. Frank was the clear winner of this story for me.


My library does have graphic novel #1 and #3, so I may decided to read those in the fall, mainly for more Frank.