A Sultry Love Song (The Gentlemen of Queen City) - Kianna Alexander

A quick read considering it was a slow burn. Being a category, there is insta-lust, then a bunch of sex, the big crisis that turns into the shortest break up ever, and the making up and getting married. I thought that this was a better than average story, because the author did two things to mix it up the formula.


1. The heroine owned a business that is usually reserved for heroes. Joi is co-owner of Citadel, a security firm that handles both physical and cyber security for their clients. Her co-owner runs the cyber part of the business, Joi is best at physical part. They hire prior law enforcement and military women. Joi is a hands-on boss and you see her really working to make her business a success. There was no middle of day manicure session that a lot of professional heroines seem to do.


2. This is an interracial romance with both partners being POC. Marco is from Limon, Costa Rica, has friends he is close to in both countries, and is working as branch manager for his buddy's expanding bank firm. Joi is a black woman with friends and family of her own, plus she is good to her employees. There is no isolated loner hero/heroine nonsense. There were scenes with the heroine hanging with her crew and the hero hanging with his without the other being present or needing to be there. No clingy quasi-adults here.


The story line meandered a bit until the big crisis, which was actually realistic and not a flimsy excuse to move the story to warm Costa Rica from cold North Carolina. The break up was less realistic, because Joi could have calmed down and they could have hashed the conflict out pretty much then. I just felt that Joi overreacted to a nothing burger. The make up was a little over the top, but I felt that Joi and Marco deserved a little over the top since the story was such a slow burner.