Saturday's Meet and Greet

A Life in Parts - Bryan Cranston, Bryan Cranston

The USO brought actor and director Bryan Cranston (Malcolm in the Middle, Breaking Bad etc) to bases here in the UK and in Germany on a tour of meet and greet appearances. The kids and I went to one of those meet and greets. During this year's Amazon Prime Day, I bought his memoir, Life in Parts, as it was on sale and I wanted something that was a little more personal to me than just a signed picture. There were many of us who went the book route, but one person brought in a canvas with his Walter White character on it, one had a t-shirt from "Los Pollos" (aka the fast food place that is in Breaking Bad), and my friend who was there with me got two Funkos signed (one of Heisenberg, one of Walter in a hazmat suit). Mr. Cranston is a very approachable, warm, funny guy that took time to converse with everyone who was there to see him and had no qualms about signing anything we brought in with us. I talked with him about his role as Lyndon B. Johnson and what drew him to play LBJ rather than a more popular modern era president. Unfortunately, there was no personal photography allowed, but here is what I walked away with.