Fearless in High Heels - Gemma Halliday

Although this book is numbered 6, it comes after Honeymoon in High Heels in the timeline. I think Honeymoon was written/published after this book.


This book was a 180 from the previous books and not in a good way. Maddie is expecting and nobody is happy about that other than her and Det. Ramirez. Maddie's BFFs are either calling her fat or trying to get Maddie to return to her single and carefree days, especially Dana. Dana has no problem asking Maddie to go undercover with her or go to Dana's boyfriend's new nightclub. Dana has no problem putting Maddie and the bump in peril; considering how the previous books ended, Maddie faced at least one physical confrontation or blow to the back of her head. But Dana didn't care about that - Dana's jealousy over her boyfriend's acting success and his work with hot young actresses made her crazy and she pulled Maddie into her craziness. I don't think Dana is ready to share Maddie with a husband or the kid.


Maddie's mother was just a bitch to Maddie throughout the book. Mother feared Maddie wasn't ready for parenthood due to being an only child and that Maddie would be an unfit parent. The stupid baby doll was just a dumb prop. The baby shower seemed really pointless and not well thought out with taking in consideration Maddie's preferences or needs.


The mystery was okay (an ode to Twilight), but I didn't like how Maddie put herself and her child in peril just because Dana was having a jealousy fit. Luckily Jack and the stupid baby doll came to the rescue in time. I think Jack should have sat Dana down and read her the riot act for what she did to Maddie.