Square 8 Las Posadas Task

Tasks for Las Posadas: If you went caroling as a kid: Which are your best / worst / most unfortettable caroling memories?


I was raised Roman Catholic (my family is Irish-Italian American, so VERY ROMAN CATHOLIC) and my sister and I were members of the children's choir at our church. Choir was only during the school year, so the kids didn't know that our choir director applied to have us sing at the Governor's mansion for his annual children's Christmas party until we came back from summer vacation and he announced that we were the chosen choir. We were so excited to sing for an audience not made up of just our parents; it required one additional day of rehearsals but we didn't mind. Our song mix was pretty safe collection of sacred and fun standards. We didn't have fancy robes to sing in weekly, much less for a trip to sing for the governor. Our assistant choir director found green and blue berets and scarves and we were told to wear black turtlenecks - the girls in the choir thought it was very French chic. Our parish held a fundraiser to rent a bus for us and our parents' to travel in.


The morning of the concert I was so nervous I didn't eat breakfast for fear of being sick on the bus. We had practiced on our church organ, but at the party we had a beautiful baby grand piano. We sang a couple of songs, then stopped for some governmental official to make a speech, then sang a couple more, then the handing out of gifts, then sang some more while party goers ate from the buffet. We had to get McDonald's on the way home.  The berets and scarves, combined with the indoor heat cranked up and a mass of bodies in the room, made us sweat and we had to keep wiping our foreheads with tissues during intermissions.But before we left, Governor Tom Keane came by and shook our hands and said we did a wonderful job. He presented a certificate of appreciation to our choir director and we had a blast on the way home about our "professional debut". I moved away from the area a year later and the new church didn't have a children's choir.


Years later, when the second Bush administration set up the Dept of Homeland Security, the first director was Tom Keane, former governor of NJ and the only famous person I sang for.