Bloom: Finding Beauty in the Unexpected--A Memoir - Kelle Hampton

What a load of narcissistic, inspirational porn from a shallow, insecure woman-child. This book wasn't about her relationship with her new daughter and the daughter's diagnosis (Down Syndrome), but her unending whining about how her ideal family life was not made into reality. The author is emotionally and mentally exhausting, and her cabal of enablers (friends, family, husband) just kept her cocooned in her grief. Everything that pertained to her daughter or her condition had to have the author at its core and the author had to have someone hold her hand and do the work for her.


When she did bother to think of her daughter, the writing went into treacle, inspirational porn territory. So many "getting through pain to the beauty" "pain comes with beauty" etc. Vague enough to fit any circumstance, cute enough to write in a cursive font over a picture of a sunset and post to IG to show how "deep" you are. UGH. Every person with DS that she came into contact with was a vessel used by God to show her the beauty in being different. DOUBLE UGH.


Stay away. 0 stars.