Bout of Books Cycle 21 Daily Recaps - Sunday and Wrap Up

Bout of Books

Wrap UpI think I did an excellent job in this cycle. I did daily recaps, 6/7 challenges, participated in one Twitter chat, and read 4 books. Looking forward to May and cycle 22.


Sunday, January 14th

Read: Love is Love anthology

Reviewed: Nothing

Challenge: I did not do the challenge because I refuse to review on Amazon or any other retailer.


Saturday, January 13th

Read: Ms Marvel, Volume 1: No Normal and A Right Honorable Gentleman; started Love is Love anthology

Reviewed: Ms. Marvel and Gentleman

Challenge: IG post

Other: I participated in the Twitter chat.


Friday, January 12th

Read: Finished Triangle

Reviewed: Triangle (2.5 stars)

Challenge: IG post


Thursday, January 11th

Read: 57% done with Triangle. I should be done with it tomorrow.

Challenge: IG post


Wednesday, January 10th

Read: not one page

Challenge: IG post


Tuesday, January 9th

Read: very little progress made on Triangle

Reviewed: The Little Book of Hygge and Dark Tide: The Great Boston Molasses Flood of 1919

Challenge: IG post


Monday, January 8th

Read: Got through all of 10% of Triangle

Reviewed: Nothing

Challenge: IG post

Twitter Chat: For this cycle, there are only two Twitter chats scheduled. Due to time zone differences, I was not available to participate. I plan to do Saturday's chat.