Agnes Moor's Wild Knight by Alyssa Cole

Agnes Moor's Wild Knight - Alyssa Cole

This was a quick read at about 38 pages. Agnes Moor is a black woman in King James IV's court, beloved by James and his queen despite her introduction to the court as one of James' "exotics". Agnes works as a diplomat, helping James in his quest to unite Scotland under his rule and to be looked at as a threat to English power. On a diplomatic trip to the Highlands, Agnes meets Gareth, newly minted earl and laird of his clan. They shared one dance and a pretty heavy conversation regarding their status as beloved outsiders, then parted. Flash forward to a tournament given in Agnes' honor, and Gareth decides to win Agnes' affections for good on the tournament field and the feast/after-party.


A decent read. Gareth was a little too perfect, but I loved Agnes! What a great heroine. The Scottish dialect was kept to normal levels. It was just too short to rate higher than average.