DNF at 20%

Something True - Karelia Stetz-Waters

Several reasons I had to DNF this book:


1. For a f/f contemporary romance, there is a lot of transphobic comments made by the BFF of one of the heroines and she is never called on them.


2. Bi-erasure and a nastiness towards one bisexual character made me realize this whole group of characters are very prejudiced towards anyone not like them. And to then make the bisexual's kids into uncontrollable brats was uncalled for.


3. If the character is 20, don't have them talk or act like they're 10. No wonder this coffee shop is circling the drain if this is what passes for employees. Seriously got on my nerves when reading the third time someone had to tell Katy to get her ass off the counter as it is a health code violation. And having a line of customers means that the crisis meeting has to pause so that service can be provided.


4. The hippie lesbian who owns the coffee shop since 1988 decides to make one piss poor business decision after another for two years and now faces the likelihood of losing her business. Then she decries/blames everyone and everything except herself.


5. The rich heroine leaves behind a diamond necklace as a thank you present to the broke heroine as if broke heroine was a prostitute. Classist move there.


6. Portland must be the whitest city in the world.


7. Cardboard villains, aka the men of the three person panel headed by rich heroine. The stereotypes were all over the place.