Trying in desperate vain to ward off a reading slump

American Fire: Love, Arson, and Life in a Vanishing Land - Monica Hesse

Fiction, in particular romance, is just not doing it for me. I seem to be slogging through my reads lately and when I do put down a book, it is getting harder for me to pick up the book. I am really liking the first Sonali Dev book, but reading it in small chunks and thinking of putting it down to do more cross stitching. The first two stories in the anthology I was reading didn't wow me, so I am leery of continuing on.


So today when I went to the library to return/pick out new books for the kids, I decided to browse the non-fiction adult books and see what catches my eye. I took home four books for me and I am already at almost 20% read in the first book with the desire to read more of it.


Don't know what is going on with my head lately, but I don't want to fight it anymore and go into a real reading slump.