Friday Reads - March 16, 2018

The Irish Americans: A History - Jay P. Dolan


I am of Irish descent on my mother's side and as usual I am making corned beef and cabbage with carrots for dinner tomorrow (crock pot) and something sweet for dessert. I go with corned beef rather than ham because the husband and daughter don't eat pork.


So this weekend I am focusing my attention on one book, The Irish Americans: A History because if I don't I will just leave it on my TBR forever with less than a chapter read. I just need to get over this hump (the Irish Americans who were living in the US pre-1840s Great Famine mass exodus) but colonial history/Early Republic history is a slow slog for me. I just don't get interested until we get mass immigration and railroads and the Gilded Age.  


Happy Reading!