****SPOILERS******A Wrinkle in Time - The Movie ***********SPOILERS

Ye be warned, there be much spoilers about the newly released A Wrinkle in Time movie, directed by Ava Duvray.


So I took the kids to the movie, ready to see Ms. Duvray's vision of this book. I was awed by the visual aspect, but the movie's emotional arcs were what I was most impressed with. Everything else I will talk about after the page break.

Ms. Duvray's directorial cues and the acting of Storm Reid really changed my perspective on the character of Meg. I really felt that Reid brought out all the traits that made Meg such a relatable and beloved character. The slight adjustment to Charles Wallace's back story was a nice touch. Calvin was useless in the movie; he was just there to look longing at Meg. I really enjoyed watching the relationship of Meg's parents before her dad went away and the science made more sense to me in the movie than in the book. The world of Camazotc was less Soviet and more Stepford-wife 1950s and that seemed much more creepier to me. 


Overall, I enjoyed the movie more than the book.