George by Alex Gino

George - Alex Gino

I picked this title to fill a Pop Sugar prompt. What a lovely story about a trans kid coming to terms with her identity and beginning to out herself. Due to the great writing by Alex Gino, I really connected to George/Melissa from the beginning and saw her as a girl from the first page. I loved Scott's reaction to Melissa's coming out to him; not only does it make sense for Melissa to identify as a girl, it also made sense to Scott, as it finally clicked into place how he sees Melissa and feels about her. And I loved Melissa's BFF Kelly, although at times she seemed aggressively positive at Melissa's coming out; it seemed the school principal had a much more subtle approach to Melissa's gender expression that conveyed support but not so loud as to draw unwanted attention to Melissa as she navigates this stage of her life.


Overall, a great MG read with humor and heart.