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Friday Reads/Dewey Read-a-thon - April 27, 2018

Because I may go (or just have my husband go) with my son to a Cub Scout function on Saturday and spend Sunday morning at Ju-Jitsu Championship, I am picking books that are short and can be done despite the fits and starts of my reading. I went through my spreadsheet and picked 22 books that were 100 pages or less and made a list (see below). I will use random number generator to pick the book, plus I made another spreadsheet to track how many pages I read and how long I read. 


Basically I am going with mini-victories over one big triumph. Good Luck to my fellow Dewey participants!


List of Possible Reads:

1. Winter Eve by Lia Davis, 56 pages

2. Bruised by Stacy-Deanne, 79 pages

3. Giovanna by Loren Dove, 83 pages

4. Dialing Dreams by Jessica Eissfeldt, 49 pages

5. Mail Order Bride: Amelia by Karla Gracy, 49 pages

6. Catherine Finds Love by Karla Gracy, 50 pages

7. Brony's Destiny by Karla Gracy, 48 pages

8. A Bride for Carlton by Karla Gracy, 51 pages

9. The Prequel by Mona Ingram, 59 pages

10. First Impressions by Elizabeth Johns, 68 pages

11. Pride of Africa by Tori Knightwood, 62 pages

12. Desperate by Sylvia McDaniel, 93 pages

13. The Locked Room Murder by Nancy McGovern, 61 pages

14. His Prairie Princess by Kit Morgan, 89 pages

15. Once Upon a Campfire by Kait Nolan, 67 pages

16. Doc's Town by Cheryl Phipps, 33 pages

17. Three Fates by Kate Quinn, 47 pages

18. The Case of the Missing Cross by Felicia Rogers, 59 pages

19. On a Cold Christmas Eve by Bethany Sefchick, 88 pages

20. Star Dust by Kristin Strassel, 73 pages

21. A Dangerous Nativity by Caroline Warfield, 71 pages

22. Waiting for Dawn by Susan May Warren, 65 pages