Dewey Read-a-thon Spring 2018 - Update #2

Winter Eve - Lia Davis The Three Fates - Kate Quinn

Final UpdateI was only able to finish Three Fates last night because hubby came home and needed to talk Avengers: Infinity Wars with me, slowing down my reading to a crawl. I just got back from the ju-jitsu championships (we went only to support our friends participating) and entered my books/pages for the pages read goal. I donated 279 pages. I read a total of 6 hours and 41 minutes.


Update 2

Finished the third book, Desperate (Lipstick and Lead #0.5) by Sylvia McDaniel,  at the 4 hours and 19 minutes mark, but I was also making dinner and feeding the kids so the time maybe skewed a little. After finishing that book and dinner, I went into book four, Doc's Town (Prossers Bay Series #0.5), which was more like the first four chapters of a longer work than a story contained in four chapters.


Total pages read so far: 232.


I also decided to do one mini-challenge, the book and snack photo that I posted on IG.


Now that my human random number generators are either sleeping or out with friends, I decided book five is going to be Three Fates (prequel to the Lady of the Eternal City series) by Kate Quinn. Book six is going to be On a Cold Christmas Eve (Tales from Seldon Park #0.5) by Bethany Sefchick. After that I don't know if I want to keep reading or get some sleep. 


I am laying off the caffeine for now and going with that green tea I mentioned earlier, along with a scone and some clotted cream (I go with the Cornish style - thin layer of butter, then jam, then clotted cream).


To my fellow participants - KEEP GOING YOU ARE DOING GREAT!!!!


Update #1

So I have read for 2 hours, 39 minutes according to stopwatch app on my phone. I started and finished two books: Winter Eve (Shifters of Ashwood Falls #0.5) by Lia Davis, picked by me and Catherine Finds Love (Ruby Springs Brides #1) by Karla Gracey, picked by my husband after he chose a number between 1 and 21. So far, 106 pages read and added to the read-a-thon goal. 


This time my son was the random number generator and he picked out my third book, Desperate (A Lipstick and Lead Novel) by Sylvia McDaniel.


Food wise: Lunch was stuffed mushrooms, half a sandwich, and shared a bag of Thai Green Curry rice crisps with my hubby. Two Kracken Spice Rum and Cokes. 


Original Post:

So I will be using just this post for updates and such throughout the day. I'm starting with Winter Eve by Lia Davis, a paranormal romance.


The opening questions:

1) What fine part of the world are you reading from today?

Suffolk County, East Anglia, UK - our start time is 1pm, which gave me the chance to sleep in.


2)Which book in your stack are you most looking forward to?

Three Fates by Kate Quinn - historical fiction set in Ancient Rome. Still need to find a way of dividing up all the mail order bride books so I don't burn out.

3) Which snack are you most looking forward to?

Take-away because I don't have to cook and the clean up is easy. And this Cranberry and Pomegranate Green Tea from Lipton - perfect blend that requires no sweetener be added to enjoy. I'll switch from my Tetley British Blend when I start feeling shaky.

4) Tell us a little something about yourself!

Going to spend one hour of the read-a-thon reading to the kids as usual. Hubby is going to see Avengers: Infinity Wars with some friends from work so I will have a nice quiet night to read. We are not doing the BS camp thing today (son is so grounded due to his behavior at school), so I have all day to pack in as much reading as possible. I'm taking my daughter to ju-jitsu championship tomorrow morning, so I really have only today to get those hours/pages in.

5) If you participated in the last read-a-thon, what’s one thing you’ll do different today?

No mini-challenges for me, just a little social and a lot of reading.