Pride of Africa (Hotel Safari #1) by Tori Knightwood

Pride of Africa: Interracial Shifter Romance Novella (Hotel Safari Book 1) - Tori Knightwood

A boring New Adult-billionaire mash up. Serena has come to Kenya to work on a safari/camp and study lions. Colin's family owns the safari/camp and he himself works on the family business (hotels) in Nairobi and in London as CEO. Colin (as well as his dad and his son) is a lion shifter.


I was highly disappointed in this book. I was hoping for romance that takes place on the African savannah. What I got was a rich guy throwing his money around to impress a broke TSTL college co-ed. There was little time spent on the camp; most of the romance takes place in Nairobi at a British Commonwealth ball. It was a contemporary version of a Regency ballroom romance. And it was a bit gross to have Serena go off on a tangent about Colin's penis size not once but at least three times in this less than 75 page story. It felt very fetishizing, but that could just be me, so YMMV. There is a HFN ending, the now being the three months she is abroad as a college exchange student. This is very much a relationship built on lust and her obsession with lions, so I don't hold any hope that this relationship lasts beyond the ending of book two.