Wishing Lake (Finding Home #3) by Regina Hart

Wishing Lake (A Finding Home Novel) - Regina Hart

Book three in the series is the best one. We finally get to the meat of Darius' issues with his parents and his awful childhood and we see the parents' finally get called out for their absolute boorish behavior from the rest of Trinity Falls' citizens. All the while, Darius gets closer to Professor Peyton Harris, who has really open up personality wise since she was introduced in the last book. I love when the H/h have to work on project together - it's my favorite trope. In this case Prof Harris and Darius have both professional skills and personal vested interest to pull off the fundraiser - I had no doubt.


I really enjoyed how different events in the book were used to flesh out the personality of the town and its' citizens, such as Alonzo's hosting a Day of the Dead ceremony, Meghan's annual Halloween bash at the book store, each citizen making time to vote, etc. It also was a good way to create the context behind Peyton's and Darius' relationship getting serious as time progressed. 


Darius is my favorite character and his book is a highlight of Ms. Hart's work, but I have really fallen for all the citizens of Trinity Falls except Darius' parents. I recommend that readers of small town contemporary romances give this series a try (keeping in mind that to get the most bang for reading investment I suggest reading the series in order).