Mystic Park (Finding Home #4) by Regina Hart

Mystic Park (A Finding Home Novel) - Regina Hart

This is the last full length book in the series (a novella appears in a holiday anthology) - I am really going to miss reading about the people of Trinity Falls. What a great small town contemporary romance series this was and Mystic Park was a lovely end to the series, both for the main couple and tying up loose ends with the other couples. I liked that not every couple is engaged/married and popping out babies - each ending feels true for each couple.


The main couple in this book is Professor Vaughn Brooks, a musician in his own right and a teacher at the university and Benita Hawkins, his high school/college/on-off girlfriend. Vaughn has finally completed the writing on his musical (based on his parents' Caribbean heritage) and wants to use a one-time performance as a fundraiser for the community center. Benita helps Vaughn with the production, as well as help Doreen and Alonzo with planning their wedding and help her great aunt (Ms. Helen) with the new endowed chair of the chemistry department in Ms. Helen's name. There is a lot on Benita's plate plus she is still working for her clients back in LA while she is home on vacation in Trinity Falls. But she is hoping to finally convince Vaughn to move to LA with her; Vaughn is hoping to convince Benita to move home to TF. 


I really liked Vaughn and Benita together; I wasn't really warmed by Benita when she appeared in the second book (she is Audra's talent agent), but seeing just how damn competent she was in any/all of her jobs/commitments really changed that for me. Doreen and Alonzo's nerves about the wedding seemed a little too much "the gentleman doth protest too much" and could've been resolved sooner. Ramona and Quincy's return gave me the ending I wanted for the two of them but in typical Ramona and Quincy fashion. 


Overall, I am really happy I gave this author and the series a chance. Highly recommend if you are looking for a contemporary romance series with characters that stay with you long after you finishing reading the books.