August is nearly upon us!

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And you should all know what that means by now!


It's time to start prepping for the Third Annual Booklikes Halloween Bingo!



We are going to run the game in generally the same way as last year! OB and I will be coming up with some new categories over the next week or two, in addition to some recycled categories from years past.


Once we get the 31 categories set, I will post a thread over on the bingo group for sign-ups. Each bingo card has 24 spots and a free space. In order to make things easy on me, as the card creator, I am going to ask everyone to limit your exclusions to 3 categories that you want to leave out! Once I create your card, I will post it in the sign-up thread for you to download and use.


Calls will be made every other day, and will alternate between my blog and OB's blog like last year! I think we set the calls to drop at 8:00 a.m. Eastern Standard.


It's time to start collecting those suspense, horror, mystery and dark fantasy books that are so appealing in the fall to get ready, set, read!