Secrets of the Tulip Sisters by Susan Mallery

Secrets of the Tulip Sisters - Susan Mallery

I loved Mallery's Blackberry Island series earlier this year, so I figured I would like more of her women's fiction. But this book sucked. Kelly and Olivia are grown adults and sisters from a dysfunctional family. Kelly is a tulip farmer, learning the trade from her dad and being his partner in the business. Olivia is an up and coming businesswoman who is smart and creative. I am going to say right now Kelly is a snooze fest when she wasn't being incredibly awkward or cringey around Griffith, hometown boy made good then came home. Griffith is a dudebro and smugly self-righteous. Helen is Kelly's best friend, equal in the snooze fest, and is crushing on Kelly and Olivia's dad, Jeff (from whom the snooze fest gene must come from). When Helen isn't having such ridiculous lewd thoughts about her best friend's dad, she is CONSTANTLY complaining about her body shape/weight and dieting. Kelly and Olivia's mom is the evil bad guy who stops being evil when she falls in love with Griffith's younger brother and Olivia's high school/college boyfriend, Ryan. Ugh.


There is small town contemporary romance, then there is too small town - is there anyone else to date/maybe try Tinder or OK cupid - contemporary romance. DNF'ed this morning at 20%.