A Match Made in Spell by Regina Welling and Erin Lynn

A Match Made in Spell: Lexi Balefire, Matchmaking Witch - Regina Welling, Erin Lynn


Alexis Balefire (Lexi) is an unawakened blood witch - she has witchy tendencies (like listening and following her inner voice/instincts/institution) and wants to awaken her inner witch because she has a family legacy to protect the Balefire for all witches on the east coast. Unfortunately, time is running out - if she doesn't awaken soon, she could lose her family legacy to her arch-nemesis. On top of this, she is an orphan who was taken in by three fairies, has a BFF who is a half-fae/half-human, and she has caught the eye of her new neighbor - all while running her business (match-making). 


I found this book really engaging despite the first person POV. Watching Lexi discover herself and answer so many questions she has had about her family was like peeling back an onion. I liked that Lexi wasn't OTT clumsy or shallow; she wanted her powers so she could do good in the world and help clean up her family's reputation. She was also fun and sarcastic without being mean or childish. Overall, I had fun reading her adventures in witchdom.