Presumed Guilty [With Earbuds] - Tess Gerritsen, Jennifer Van Dyck


This book is from a group of books that Gerritsen wrote for Harlequin's Mira line. It is a romantic suspense story from 1993, and boy does the age show; had I not been listening to this on audiobook, it would have been a DNF.


Miranda, a twenty-nine year old with the social and emotional intelligence of a twelve year old, just broke up with her married boyfriend/very rich boss. She quit her job and thought about packing up her house and moving away because it is too hard on her to see him around their small Maine town. He calls one night and tells her it's over with his wife and he wants to see her - as in he is on the way to her house and there is nothing to stop him. So Miranda leaves her house  - UNLOCKED!!!! - and walks down to the beach/shoreline so as not to be home when he comes. After two hours, she makes her way home to find her former lover stabbed to death in her bed. Obviously, because the police officers in this rural town are stupid assholes, immediately arrest her for his murder. Chase is the now dead guy's brother and the black sheep of the family. His sister-in-law calls him home. Chase and Miranda work to figure out who is framing her and why. 


I gave this two stars because it was a well-plotted, well-written mystery. This was a stupid, and emotionally stunted romance storyline. The romance unfortunately takes a lot of the time/page space, but that mystery kept me hanging on - and I totally didn't guess the real murderer right. But Miranda and Chase do belong together, if only to spare anyone else being in a relationship with their sorry asses.