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Leverage in Death (In Death #47) by JD Robb

Leverage in Death - J.D. Robb


Published September 4, 2018.


The 47th installment of the futuristic police procedural was a good read, but it felt like a little phoned in. The story went from a ton of suspects to two in the span of a chapter. I am adding my voice to the side that doesn't give a damn about the Oscars and I felt that all that stupid award show talk took away from the story. The mystery was very engrossing though, especially after the second bombing; I just wished more characters other than the cops were used - the ones that did show up felt thrown in at the last minute. I felt that Roarke was really useful and made a great "Peabody". The argument between him and Eve was stupid and pointless, but Roarke won it because he was right. The argument just proved once again that the couple is not ready for parenthood. 


Honestly, I am still reading this series because I reached number 47 and want to see it to the end, but they are definite library reads at this point.