Anya's Ghost - Vera Brosgol


This was a quick graphic novel I read to fill a square and get a third bingo. That said, it was a fun story with likeable characters and a psychologically creepy ghost. Anya is a teenager just trying to fit in at her private high school and also trying to deal with past hurts - as a child she immigrated from Russia to the US with her family and was bullied for her Russian culture and accent. She meets and befriends a ghost of a teenage girl from 1918; over time, however, Anya suspects the ghost is not telling the truth and is basically Single White Female-ing Anya. Anya teams up with a more recent Russian immigrant to get to the bottom of the mystery and vanquish this ghost for good. In the end, Anya is a little more confident in who she is, who she would like to be, and how to go about building herself up in healthier ways. The art is black and white, which lends another layer of atmosphere to the story.