Book: I tried to get into the book I originally chose for this door, but I couldn't make it out of the first chapter. It is just too Middle Grade for me. So my next choice is The Soldier's Secrets by Naomi Rawlings (series that is finished). Will update when finished reading.


Task 2: Share your favorite gravestone epitaph (you know you have one).


Unknown Warrior


This was the original gravestone of the UK's Unknown Warrior from November 1920.The ironwork and coffin plate were made by D.J. Williams of the Brunswick Ironworks at Caernarfon in Wales. The destroyer HMS Verdun's  bell was presented to the Abbey and now hangs near the grave (it transported the tomb from France to Britain). I love the simplicity for it gives the inscription a sense of rawness and respectful reminder of what the country went through during the Great War. It was replaced with a more showy, longer inscription in black marble in November 1921.  


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Task #4: Meal time. While I was in London on Veterans' Day, I went to a little hole in the wall Mexican place (right across the alleyway from the theatre holding Harry Potter and the Cursed Child), La Bodega Negra. It is extremely hipster, but the service is really great and the food is actually spicy. The menu is limited however. I had the guacamole and chips, red berry hibiscus iced tea, and wood-fire grilled oyster and portabello mushroom fajitas. Great food without making my stomach hate me during the show I went to - which at this point is such a win. The pics are on my IG: