Guy Fawks Night


Book: I chose Princess Elizabeth's Spy (Maggie Hope #2) by Susan Ella MacNeal. Will update my points when I finished the book. 


Task #1: Burn a book in effigy.

This one was easy. I would torch this book in a nanosecond. I had to "read" it (thank you, Robert Redford for the movie so I didn't have to pick up the Cliff Notes version) for junior year American Lit class during winter break. Seriously, this is a book version of most of Bravo's nightly line up - pretty rich people creating drama because they are bored. I liked to think all the characters still alive at the end of the story got really kicked in the balls/vagina when the Great Depression started.


TheGreatGatsby 1925jacket.jpeg


Task #2: List your top 3 treasonous crimes against books.

Again, really easy for me. 


1. Burning library books (see: and not getting arrested or fined or any consequences from the destruction of public property. And of course he did it live on Facebook, home to assholes. Fuck this guy.


2. Using every SEO word salad in the title of your book - yes, self-published Christian romance authors selling on Amazon, I am talking to you. Save those words for the blurb.


3. Snitch tagging authors on Twitter, especially if the conversation is about problematic stuff in their books or a bad/negative review.