The Radium Girls: The Dark Story of America's Shining Women - Kate Moore



Book: I chose Radium Girls: The Dark Story of America's Shining Women by Kate Moore (book with green cover).


Task #1

My two prophesies:

1. My reading pace will slow down considerably as I start grad school in January and then pick it up in the fall. Not going to put up triple digits read pile in 2019.


2. My reading pace is going to be a killer come summer as we are (hopefully!) moving (hopefully!) back to the US. I won't have Internet for some of that time or my stuff, so I will be mainly reading off my NOOK and Kindle. Maybe I will put up triple digits read pile in 2019.


Task #2

Husband and I are going through our books and ruthlessly sorting our physical books between keepers and donation pile. We have a weight limit for our household goods when we move; anything over that limit we have to pay out of pocket. We have several charity shops that look forward to American books, so off they go starting in January. As for my kids' books, I just gave a bunch away to friends and some to the community center on base. 


When I pop in to the local charity shops (usually for a gift), I also tend to a get a book. So I grow my physical pile via St Nicholas Hospice shop. When I travel to the big city (Bury St Edmunds), I make it a point to stop in Waterstones to see what's new. But my favorite book buying place is Foyles in London (the one on Charing Cross Road, across from the theater currently home to Chicago the Musical). Six levels of amazing, get lost don't come and find me books and a café. It is well lit, ample aisle space, but such a collection that is easy to find your niche/genre and discover gems. The staff was friendly but not smothering and they have random books signed by the authors, so check the stacks.