Highland Fire: Guardians of the Stone - Tanya Anne Crosby

St. Andrew's Day


Book: I will be reading Highland Fire (Guardians of the Stone #1) by Tanya Anne Crosby.


Task #1

I would like to nominate author Beverley Jenkins for sainthood. She was accused today on Twitter for (I KID YOU NOT) "hiding behind her [Jenkins] white privilege" by a stan/follower of a YA who is in deep shit for her thirsty slam on Nora Roberts. 


Holy shit. YA Twitter going wild, yet can't go to Google and do a search on who Ms. Jenkins is and what she has brought to the romance genre.


I have Irish and Italian heritage, so my temper can be shorter than Tom Cruise without shoe lifts. Ms. Jenkins must have patience of a saint for not dragging this Twitter user to hell. I am in awe of her restraint and her mocking of this idea of her having white privilege without giving any attention to the Twitter user or using anyone's name/handle.


Honorable mention for sainthood would be Nora Roberts. 


Task #2

Not trying to sound like a snob, but golf bores me to no end, so I would actively avoid books with golf in the storylines. But if you are wondering if golf and romance mix, here is a list of golf romances (including a few set in Scotland, in case you need a book for this door).