Water in the Well - Zoey Summers Pick Your Poison: Supernatural Witch Cozy Mystery - Zoey Summers

Date Published: July 25, 2016 (Water); March 18, 2016 (Poison)

Format: Ebook

Source: Own Copy

Date Read: April 6-7, 2019


Blurb for Water in the Well:


Ciorsdan Fotheringham is a native of Glasgow, Scotland. In the year 1935, she works as a private investigator for the Blake Investigation Agency. One day, she is tasked with something of an unusual investigation. She has to travel out to a remote house in the country in order to discover who threw a little girl named Sarah McTavish down a well.

After the ordeal, Sarah is fighting for her life with a fever, dehydration, and malnourishment. Ciorsdan soon discovers that she cannot turn a blind eye to the girl’s suffering- nor at the perpetrator of so heinous a crime. With Sarah on the drink of death, the only choice for Ciorsdan is to back to Scotland and visit a doctor. There, she discovers more about the case than she bargained for...


Blurb for Pick Your Poison:


The small town of Carrick, in the middle of Ireland, is a big change for Ashling Butler, museum curator, fiddle-player and incurable puzzle-solver. Ashling comes back from England to take up a job in her childhood home. Visiting the North family’s estate, she discovers the murdered body of Rose Martin, part-time secretary in the County Museum. Encouraged, somewhat alarmingly, by the ghost of Lady Molly North, Ashling pursues the mystery of Rose’s death. She is helped along the way by her friend, Lucy; by Jerry Cassidy, the detective in charge; and by knowledge of plants – her own grasp of plant-lore and the more practical skills of the handsome but curt horticulturalist, Conor Foster. By the time she has uncovered the secrets that drove a murderer to kill again, Ashling is also presented with another secret – the identity of the third witch of Carrick’s legend.



I am reviewing both of these stories under one post because they are VERY short stories that just begin the series. I downloaded both from the free section of the NOOK store.


Water in the Well was a depressive slog to get through even though it clocks in at a mere 34 pages and is only part 1 in a series that isn't published beyond this part. This is especially annoying given that plotlines are left hanging. Also, that cover is very misleading - the story takes place in the moors of the UK (I think Scotland but it could've been Yorkshire) but the cover shows a woman in a Stetson hat. Content warning for child abuse. 1 star for saving the child from the abuser.


Pick Your Poison is also part 1 of a series that hasn't published beyond part 1, but what a difference from the first story. This story was the perfect just as it is, so if this is the only part published, it is still a satisfying story. I love all the characters and the storyline, but I do have an affinity for witch origin stories. I would highly recommend this story if you are looking for some quick, light mystery and witches coming together. 4 stars.