Are You There Coffee? It's Me, Mom - Kianna Alexander

Date Published: October 9, 2014

Format: Kindle

Source: Own Copy

Date Read: May 11, 2019



With young children in the house, life seldom goes as planned. In this collection of candid essays, Kianna Alexander offers the reader a humorous look at modern motherhood. Navigate through the daily mishaps of a family with two work from home parents and two kids under the age of ten. The children, Scooter and Sweetpea, may have made up nicknames, but they, and their shenanigans, are very real. Tears are commonplace, but so is laughter, and no matter the circumstances, love abounds in this crazy but wonderful household.




This was a fine collection of parenting tips and ancedotes from Alexander, a business owner and romance writer. I like her romance writing, and this was free (its part of Kindle Shorts program), so I picked it up to read for Mother's Day. This book would make a great gift to new parents, but as a seasoned veteran who is done having kids (all hail the elementary-school years!), I found the stories cute but nothing new. But I am glad to read anything by Alexander.