All I Am (A Farmers' Market Story) - Nicole Helm

Date Published: February 1, 2016

Format: Kindle

Source: Own Copy

Date Read: July 10-25, 2019

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Everything she is. Everything he's not… 


Recovering from his time in Afghanistan, Wes Stone prefers the company of his dogs and himself. People, especially of the female variety, are…difficult. He appreciates that Cara Pruitt doesn't treat him like an invalid, but hiring the party girl of New Benton to help out with his dog treat business is probably a mistake. And when her brightness and unexpected vulnerability somehow slip through his defenses, suddenly something terrifying is ignited inside him. Something thrilling. Something that could make Wes whole again…or consume him completely.




I really liked the first 35% of the book, both in plotline and the MCs. And then the heroine reacted the way she did to the hero's admission that he was a virgin. He admitted it during a moment of distress/PTSD and her reaction was "YaY! Let me be your first! I'm really good at sex and then you can just get over it!" Imagine if the genders were reversed - do you really think that would be acceptable? I wouldn't and I didn't here. After reading that scene, I had no desire to keep reading and went to read other stuff. When I did get back to reading, I did a lot of skimming. The heroine got whiny and clingy after several bouts of "sex therapy" and yet couldn't get her life together even with help from others around her. I did like the hero throughout the book, I just wished he got a better heroine than the one the author wrote him.