I decided to leave grad school and I'm not going back at a later time. I was doing it for the wrong reasons and that kind of pressure already had started to take it's toll on my health. I am content with my BA, and that is where I am leaving my education. Since making this decision, I have felt the weight on my chest easing off and I can breath again. 


I decided also to seek mental health help via the base medical group (with possible off base therapy if the on-base providers think it is necessary). I have been dealing with low-grade depression and anxiety for the last few years and need to deal with it; hopefully, I can also get my anger issues under control as well. 


Which leads to me my reading this year, and in particular, Halloween Bingo. I am sucking this year at the bingo, even though I have every intention on playing/reading. This depression is just clouding any desire to do the activities I normally enjoy. Since making the grad school decision, I have read more yesterday than I did all month long. Since making the decision to get mental health help and making the appointment, I actually had the energy and desire to go the library and borrow a bunch of books. October will be a better month and I plan on at least two bingos by the 31st and maybe a blackout. 


Thanks for hearing me out. And now back to the bingo!