Some of the things this year's game will include are:


* A new card.

* New hosts (yes, several!)

* Some new holidays ... and many repeat appearances.  Also a new twist on one particular holiday that is making a repeat appearance.

* Many new tasks -- non-book tasks in particular -- and some that we're bringing back from last year.  (But, no, the great jelly weird-out competition won't be back.) -- Get your creative juices cooking, or get your hygge out and indulge in happy memories:  Tasks include everything from creative writing (freestyle and otherwise) and writing / blogging about books, to crafting, cooking and food, outdoor activities (nothing strenuous, we promise!), indoor comforts, and bringing up happy memories from holidays past (only if you're willing to share them, of course).

* New bonus tasks and a reappearance of the book joker.

* A new tasks reporting method, to make life easier for all involved.

* And, of course, a charitable donation at the end of it all!


Are you excited yet?  Because your hosts certainly are!!


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