Door 1, November 1st: Dia de los Muertos


Book: I am using A Sip Before Dying (Wine and Dine #1) by Gemma Halliday, as it has all the colors of the rainbow on the cover.


Task #1: Ode to a Murder Cop (Lt Eve Dallas/In Death series by JD Robb)

             In NYC in 2061, in a castle sleeps our dear Lt

             With the long legs, eyes like whiskey, and short hair (don't care).

             In the stillness of that castle, Dispatch rings out

             an address for her and Peabody to meet

             the sunrise and another DB. 


Task #2: 

I went out to lunch at a local Mexican restaurant that was not a chain because it was right across the street from the grocery store and I don't like shopping on an empty stomach. I went with something simple, the Two Taco Carne Asada with beans, rice, taco toppings and the freshest cheese - it was so good, and that good food mood lasted all the way through the dreaded, hated grocery shopping. Chips and salsa are free for every table. 


Task #3: Epitaph (for the novella Then Came You (Bradford Sisters #0.5) by Becky Wade)

              Here Lies A MRA Subreddit in Book Form

              Burn it to the ground and salt the earth

              So nothing can grow from this pile of shit                                



Task #4: My family doesn't really do traditions or mementos from loved ones that pass on. Usually everything is liquidated and the money spilt between surviving spouses or the children still living after taxes and funeral expenses are paid. We do have pictures - we kept Polaroid and Kodak in business since way back in the day. Even today, I am a picture taking fool, deleting just the repeats or the ones too blurry. 


And then I married into a family that saves EVERYTHING from past loved ones. I met my grandfather-in-law, Warren, for the first time in April of 2010. Adam and I had been married for not quite a year and I was meeting his family face-to-face for the first time...without telling them we were already married. Warren was a lovely man - a fine soldier who served overseas, devoted family man, loved deeply his wife Virginia (who past away years ago), and loved traveling around in his RV. He accepted me with open arms as soon as we shook hands. A year after our visit, Warren was diagnosed with stomach cancer and didn't have much longer to live. We visited him at his home in Idaho, this time bringing his great-grandson along. We took lots of pictures, one of those pictures being Warren, Jim (my father-in-law), Adam, and seven month old Joshua - four generations of Steinman men. Warren died over the new year holiday weekend in 2012; we received several boxes that Warren set aside for Adam that had Warren's military and civic awards in them along with pictures...lots and lots of pictures. But there is one picture that hangs in our hallway's "hall of family" pictures and it is the one taken in September of 2011. Here it is: