They Called Us Enemy - Steven Scott, Justin Eisinger, George Takei, Harmony Becker


Door 2: November 3rd Japanese Culture Day


Book: I read The Called Us Enemy by George Takei et al. 


Task 1: Wichita is known as the Air Capital of the World, so my culture festival is the Wichita Air Show and in general military air shows. Last held in 2018, McConnell AFB's air show had an open house, when non-DoD ID holders could come on base to designated areas to check out our aircraft and watch the different aviator groups show off their skills. These airshows are very important to the Air Force - especially in terms of building/maintaining civilian-military relationships and in recruitment. We had them at Beale and there were crowds 3 people deep. In the UK, the USAF was always invited to the air show RAF would put on, both as spectators and as planned entertainment. 


It takes a lot of manpower not just to put this on but to plan and coordinate and in the back of the house (such as police and emergency services) to be all on the same page in the event of an accident and keep things clean and ready for the viewing public. But the ROI justifies these shows.


Task 2: I ordered a small variety pack of different flavors of Kit Kats from Amazon this morning. I'm most interested in trying the matcha tea flavor and some of the fruit flavors.


Edited to add November 16, 2019: they finally arrived! So the taste testers were myself, my sister-in-law, and my two kids. 

So I bought a variety pack that included non-Kit Kat Japanese candy that my kids tried and liked. But here is our committee's final rankings:

1. Dried Cranberries & Almond - this is their "luxury" flavor and is only one bar in package.

2. Roasted Chestnuts - enough nut flavor to handle the chocolate, but not over powering

3. Cappuccino - smells like a coffee shop and actually tastes like a cappuccino

4. Dark Chocolate - not as sweet as the original bar and honestly tastes better - even the kids were into this and they are not really into dark chocolate

5. Light Matcha Green Tea - disappointed that this one did not place higher, considering I enjoy all things tea

6. Apple Pie - smelled more like lavender and tasted like sadness

7. Sweet Potato - smelled like chemicals and WAY TOO OVERPOWERING of flavor profile

8. Dark Matcha Green Tea - the one that my candy loving kids spit out. It had a grainy texture to it in my opinion. My sister-in-law had to refill her water glass to drink more water and get the taste out of her mouth.


*Strawberry was eaten by my husband - he thought it was good but he couldn't really tell due to being sick


Task 3: 


Yeah, I threw in the towel when we had to do steps 5-7 on the other side of the paper. Here is my attempt.


Task 4: 


Courtesy of the base commissary, lunch was served - sushi, miso soup, seaweed salad, and rice crackers. All washed down with American Coca-Cola. I didn't eat breakfast that morning and ended up not eating dinner after this big meal.