Melbourne Cup Day


Door 3: November 5th Melbourne Cup Day


Book: Skip


Task #1: I picked three to race and one alternate in the event one of my ponies didn't make the start: The Chosen One (the arrogance....I couldn't resist), Vow and Declare (so serious), and Surprise Baby (one of my most hated romance trope); alternate was Magic Wand (which goes with Surprise Baby in a way...).


Vow and Declare came in 1st place! Yay!


Task #2: Poem for In Perfect Time (Wings of the Nightingale #3) by Sarah Sundin

              Roses are Red,

              Violets are Blue,

              In flight they kept cool heads,

              And saved their POW crew.


Not the finest writing I've ever done LOL.


Task #3: 

We moved into our new house and had some new appliances, such as my electric kettle. Alas, we did not yet have our household goods shipment. So I went to Target and picked the first cup that was deep enough to get my mornings started. I now call this my Kansas cup.


This is my favorite of all my cups.


Task #4: Homemade hot chocolate, whipped cream, sprinkles, and a mint and dark chocolate barkTHIN - all while staring at Mickey Mouse's butt