Guy Fawkes Night


Door 4: November 5th Guy Fawkes Night


Book: I read V for Vendetta by Alan Moore and David Lloyd. 


Task #1: Three Crimes Against Books

              1. Overly long series - stop the fluff, stop the filler. If the author(s) planned for the series to be three books, be three books. You can write another series within that world, but at what point is a town handling that many mail order brides? Then there is the series that goes on so long that the author dies and the new author taking over ADDS to the number of books (looking at you Robert Jordan).

              2. Policing reviews/reviewers - seriously, how many times must it be said "Reviews. Are. For. Readers." And no, paying customers are not also your free copyeditors or your PR representative. 

             3. "Dark" Romances - seriously, authors are really going out of their way to justify some straight up toxic males/toxic relationships in their books - sorry if yucking on someone's yum, but lately it has gone too far (imho) and entertainment can affect a person's worldview or beliefs. Some of these romances do more harm in terms of real world social mores than any good in terms of storytelling - all in the name of being seen as edgy or subverting the genre (are we still in high school or what?). An example:


Task #2: Revolution! We must storm the barricades and demand! COPYEDITING IS DIFFERENT FROM EDITING AND IS JUST AS IMPORTANT TO STORYTELLING! Seriously, just put up clean copies of your books if you wish to sell them - clean meaning proper spelling, proper punctuation (to INCLUDE Quotations Marks!!), and using the right word (their, there, they're). 


Task #3: Skipping.


Task #4: 


So in the process of unboxing everything from the move, my books were stored in the linen closet as my book case was full of random crap that needed to be dealt with before moving the books to their rightful place. And then I got busy with life and the books were moved from the closet to the floor NEXT to the bookcase for the last six weeks or so until I finally set aside time over the Thanksgiving weekend to go through the random crap, clean the shelves and place the books where they belong.





The order is simple - the top shelf is dedicated to Wonder Woman; the second shelf is for my physical keepers and my high school diploma; then starts the fiction books I need to read, with size of the book first, then author's last name, then nonfiction organized by author's last name, then the bottom shelf is for graphic novels, special magazines, and musical theater programs/souvenirs.