International Day for Tolerance


Door 7, November 16th: International Day of Tolerance


Book: I readYou Will Not Have My Hate by Antoine Leiris from OverDrive this morning; this is an expansion of his op-ed after the terrorist bombings in France in 2015 took the life of his wife. 


Task #1: Redeeming quality of a book you read and disliked this year.

Hello, The Hot One by Carolyn Murnick, we met again. The writing sucked but the redeeming quality is that Murnick kept the spotlight on her friend's murder and the criminal case as it continues to wind its way through the court system and may just bring a serial killer to justice. This will help not only her friend's family find peace and justice but other families as well.


Task #2: Family Tradition 

We go out on Christmas Eve and walk around the neighborhood enjoying our neighbors holiday lights and displays. It gets us out of the house, gets us some fresh air, and it's free. My mom started this tradition with me and my sister, so it is not a long term tradition but it made it into the next generation. 


Task #3: Let go of a book and didn't borrow/buy a book and read it?

*Looks at HUGE TBR pile* Yeah, don't really have a problem with letting a book go...kind of the opposite really. 


I guess one book I pass on regularly without really thinking about it is The Stranger Beside Me by Anne Rule. I read her book on the Green River Killer, and that was enough for me with regards to her writing and how she inserts herself into the narrative. And even though it was a publishing phenomenon, I don't have any desire to read EL James' Fifty Shades series.


Task #4: UNESCO World Heritage Site

It could be the events going on in US politics this week influencing my choice, but I chose Independence Hall in Philadelphia, Pennyslvania.