St. Andrew's Day


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Task #1: Scottish writer

I went with Scottish-American writers and I have two: Craig Ferguson (native of Scotland, naturalized citizen of the US) and David McCullough (Scottish heritage). Ferguson's description of the violence between Protestants and Catholics in Scotland reminded me of the Troubles in NI. I need to read his second book of memoirs. I do love his stand up.


I read McCullough's shorter works and the immense research is complimented so well by his storytelling that it doesn't feel like a history book (even to non-history fans). His longer works are LONG and there's a bit of an intimidation factor, I'm not going to lie. But I should try to read those...eventually.


Task #2: Skip


Task #3: Book that was greatest catch

I am going with Bud, Not Buddy by Christopher Paul Curtis. So not much for myself as for my son who has undertaken the William Allen White challenge at his school. This was the first chapter book that he read that was not a graphic novel. A book that we had to sit down together and take turns reading. This was the longest book that didn't have pictures that my kid has read and the feeling of accomplishment when it was done - not to mention he loved the book and empathized greatly with Bud. My son is going to be nine in a couple of months and most books are either too advance for him or too immature for him. Finding this book and creating a space for us to read it was a real catch.


OTT: Over the holiday weekend we read So B. It by Sophie Weeks, so that's two WAW books down, three to go. We are currently working our way through The Insignificant Events in the Life of a Cactus by Dusti Bowling. All these books for the WAW challenge hit you right in the feels and deals with some pretty heavy topics.


Task #4: Tartan

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I love the muted neutral shades.