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Task #1: Skip


Task #2: Holiday Tradition

Hands down, my favorite holiday tradition is baking cookies for the annual Operation: Airman Cookie Drive; the spouse group on base puts this on. People donate homemade cookies/fudge/candy/brownies and the spouse group volunteers to bag up cookies/candy/fudge/brownies, along with a holiday card from the USO. The 1st Sergeants from the base collect these bags and distribute them to each of their squadron's E-1 - E-4 living in the dorms on base. I bake with the kids, who love the time spent in the kitchen and we make enough to give to my husband's shop so Airman of all stripes can enjoy our baking. This year we will also be baking two trays of brownies for their school's Staff Holiday Lunch, which falls on the same day that the cookie drive is. So we have lots of baking to do on Wednesday night.


Task #3: Skip


Task #4: Looking Forward

Short term: Our town's tree lighting ceremony and party. Long term event I am looking forward to is seeing Wonder Woman 1984 in theaters June 2020 - I've had the trailer on repeat ALL DAY, lol.