Book: Skipping


Task #1: 


Task #2: Christmas Movie

My favorite Christmas movies are A Charlie Brown Christmas, Elf, and It's a Wonderful Life. The kids would add to that list The Nightmare Before Christmas (shh! It's what they are getting for Christmas Eve night present). My husband's is A Christmas Story but oh man do I hate that one. I will be watching Charlie Brown and Nightmare on Christmas Eve, but tomorrow I am doing the wrapping of presents to Elf.


12/22/19 Edited to add: Gift wrapping was moved to Wednesday morning due to a snow day on Monday. I will never NOT love Elf.


Task #3:

I took the kids individually to the store over this weekend so they could buy presents for other members of the family (I am getting ticket to see #IMOMSOHARD in Tulsa, so nothing under the tree for me). Yes there will be books: son bought Dad a "new to him" Robert Jordan book and daughter bought son the new release of Dog Man: Fetch-22. Both kids are getting one book each from Nannie and Grandpa (my parents). My mom bought me a copy of A Paris Orphan while she was out here for Thanksgiving.


Task #4: Skip