Book: Skipping


Task #1: 

I was going to skip this one, but a quick look at my physical shelves showed I have the colors, just not the creativity to turn them into an object. So here's an object called a stack, lol.


Task #2: Music in Books

1. The Sun is Also a Star by Nicole Yoon

2. Bud, Not Buddy by Christopher Paul Curtis

3. In Perfect Time (Wings of the Nightingale #3) by Sarah Sundin


Task #3: 


I made a corn and black bean dip with red and green peppers, onions, garlic, and a packet of pomengrate vingeratte leftover from lunch at Wendy's. This was my lunch after wrapping presents and watching the movie Elf on Wednesday. 


Task #4: 

Tuesday I did a three hour shift at the kids' school library. Afterwards I stopped at my town's awesome independent coffee house and bought myself a chai and started a $10 tab to pay for other customers' drinks. The RR had a bad Monday due to the weather cutting their hours of operations down a lot, so I purposely picked them for my Unity Cup task. The gals working at the RR are awesome and the food and drinks are great (and not full of sugar).